Dailey IB Policies

Here are the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program policies of Dailey Elementary Charter School.

Language Policy

Dailey Elementary Charter School is an IB World School. We aim to create a rigorous and challenging learning environment where language is the vehicle through which students define their understandings and sense of self. We believe that language plays a vital role in how students experience, understand, and make sense of the world around them. We view every teacher as a teacher of language and language as a crucial component of learning, thinking, communicating, social-emotional awareness and self-expression. We recognize that each student’s language portrait is unique and always evolving. Therefore, we make a commitment to our students and parents to provide a learning community that promotes and supports language development through meaningful, relevant, and engaging inquiry-based instruction.

Inclusion Policy

We recognize and respect that our students come from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and levels of life experiences. The diversity of students backgrounds contributes to our school community and inspires teachers and students to be caring, open-minded, and principled. Multiple teaching strategies are implemented to differentiate instruction in a whole class setting. This allows all students to have equal access to the curriculum and to grow as learners.

Assessment Policy

Dailey Charter School agrees that the fundamental purpose of assessment is to collect and analyze data (evidence of learning) to make decisions about how children are performing and growing. Learning is a cyclical process where students work toward their personal best and models of mastery. Assessment, therefore, is viewed as being integral with planning, teaching and learning. Assessment is designed by teachers to incorporate a variety of methods and motivate students. Assessments must be high quality and designed to be valid and reliable, with a clear purpose. They may include peer and self-assessments, formal and informal evaluations and observations. Assessments involve students, parents, teachers and administrators.

Academic Integrity Policy

We believe that academic honesty is fundamental to accurately communicating and facilitating a student’s acquisition of knowledge, understanding of concepts, and mastery of skills to the students themselves, parents, and teachers of our school community.

PYP General Regulations

This document describes the regulations that apply to those schools that have been authorized as IB World Schools to offer the PYP and is intended for schools, students and their legal guardians.