• To clear absences please call 559-248-7067 or email office staff at catherine.donato1@fresnounified.org
  • Absences must be cleared through the office each day the student is not present at school
  • Students need to be in class by 7:55 a.m. or they are considered tardy
    Students arriving tardy must report to the office for a tardy slip
  • Early and/or late pick-ups are factored into your child’s attendance profile, along with tardies and absences (both excused and unexcused)
  • Attendance notices are sent home on a regular basis. These notices are to inform families of their student’s attendance

If your student has an appointment that takes place during the instructional day, please notify their teacher and office staff by email or note in advance. This allows for the teacher to have your child ready and with their backpacks and homework.

If you would like to excuse your child from school early you must sign the student out in the office. The student will be called from class and released to the parent in the office. Habitual early check-outs are monitored closely as this impacts students instructional time and is part of their attendance record.

Parents are not allowed to go directly to their child’s class, as this disrupts classroom instruction and violates the school’s safety plan.

Dailey Attendance

In order to support attendance of all students, we take the following steps to address concerns.
Attendance Process
Step 1
2 or more Tardies / Unexcused absences
Attendance notice sent to parents
Step 2
Continued Attendance concern
Phone conference / Meeting with school official
Step 3
Attendance has not improved
Student Attendance Review Conference with Administration
Step 4
Student will be released to home school
Student released at the end of the quarter

For further information, please refer to the FICS Attendance Board Policy #5006 in your Parent-Student Handbook.

Independent Study

Independent Study is an option for any student who will be absent for a period of a minimum of three (3) to a maximum of fourteen (14) school days. A student may not participate in short-term independent study pursuant to this policy for more than fourteen (14) cumulative school days in a school year. Further absences will be addressed in accordance with the Charter School’s attendance policy and may be considered unexcused and/or lead to truancy prevention measures, depending on the nature of the absence.

For further information, please refer to the FICS Independent Study Board Policy #5013

  • Teachers and Office Staff must be given at least five school days of notice.
  • An Independent Study contract will need to be filled at and given to the school’s office manager.
  • The contract must be signed by the student, parents, teacher, and administrator
  • All contracted assignments are due upon the student’s return to school
  • Uncompleted assignments will not receive academic credit and can impact student’s grades. The absences are then considered unexcused absences and will be reflected in the student’s attendance profile