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Installing Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams Tutorial:

Logging into Padlet:

Windows Night Light(Blue Light Reduction):

Setting your default web browser:

Commonly asked questions:

What do I do if my tablet has logged out of Google?

We are not able to give out the password for the school account. However, you may use a personal account if you feel comfortable doing so. The apps you would need are Padlet, Zoom, ClassDojo, SeeSaw, Teams, and EPIC. Please bring the tablet back to the school if you wish that we log the tablet back in to the school account.

Do emails need to be created or can zoom just be downloaded to the devices?

Zoom will not need an account to be logged in. You can simply download and install the application. Once the application is open, you may click join a meeting and join using the information provided by your student’s teacher.

When will the videos/resources be available?

The resources, such as guides and videos, should be up within the first week. These should cover basic use of the devices and platforms. Additional guides will be added as needed or at the request of teachers who want students to be able to complete a particular task.

What if I Don’t see my child’s class in Teams?

During the first week, classes may not have been activated by the teacher. Teachers are working hard to organize the online class experience before activating. This is to avoid unnecessary changes that may confuse students if they start seeing additional items or things moved.

How do I find their email/password?

This information should have been provided when you received your device. However, I am able to look up the information. Please use the request form and provide your student’s name and ID so to verify so the email address and password can be given.

How do we load MS Teams onto private devices?

Microsoft Teams can be reached on any device. On a Mac, Windows, or Chrome you can go to and log in with your student’s email and password. On Mac and Windows you can additionally download the desktop app using the instructions above. On iOS or Android you can go to the app store and search for Microsoft Teams.

My HP laptop doesn’t have audio. What should I do?

First thing to check is if the application is using the correct device for the speakers. If it is using the correct device (usually the internal speakers), try running an apps built in speaker test. Sometimes this will help the computer to re-detect the speakers. If it is still not working, try a reset. If all else has failed, fill out the tech request form and we will schedule a time to replace the notebook computer.

Additional Help/Resources:

Technology Help Form (Click here to submit a request) – Approved websites by grade level