ATTENDANCE-Call 248-7067 to clear absences

 or email

When notifying the school of an absence include: student name, teacher name, parent name and illness symptoms or reason for absence.

If you receive an Attendance Notice, it must be signed and returned to the school.

Homework Requests: Homework requests should be made in advance. Please request your child’s homework when you call to clear their absence. Homework will be when your child returns to school.

Students are expected to arrive at school on time just as adults are expected to arrive at their jobs on time.  It is very disruptive to a teacher and students in the classroom when other students arrive late.  In the event students do arrive late, the office will issue excused tardies for physician/dentist appointments with a doctor’s note. All other tardies are unexcused. Parents do not need to notify the office when their child is running late for school as this is an unexcused tardy.

As a Charter, students are allowed 3 tardies per year. If your child has three unexcused absences or tardies, he or she is considered truant. Truant, unverified, unexcused, excessive excused absences or tardies affect the student’s education and increase chances of failure.

A tardy notice will be sent home with the student explaining the attendance policy. Additional notices will be sent home and phone calls to parents from Administration will be made if tardies continue. Failure to improve student attendance will result in a Student Attendance Review Meeting with school Administration to address the attendance issues and decisions will be made regarding possible release of the student to their home school. If the student is released to the home school, Dailey Charter will alert Fresno Unified (or the home district) that the student is returning. Fresno Unified School District (or the home district) will begin the SARB process if necessary.

It is well established that faithful and regular attendance in school is related to improved student progress and achievement.  In order for your child to do his or her best, it is important that he/she be in school as many days as possible.  When it is necessary for your child to be absent from school, or to come to school late, the school must receive notification each day from the parent or guardian through a phone call or note explaining the reason(s). Parent or guardian may telephone the school Attendance line @ 248-7067 in the morning to verify the absence. Your child’s education is our highest priority; therefore, excessive absences will not be tolerated at Dailey Charter School.

Obviously, the child’s missing school is undesirable both from an educational and financial point of view.  Excused absences, of course, are unavoidable; we certainly do not recommend that a child come to school if he / she could spread his / her illness to others.  Unexcused absences, however, are another matter.  The State of California and Fresno Innovative Charter Schools, Inc. make the distinction between excused and unexcused absences.

Excused absences include: illness, medical appointments, and attendance at a funeral for a member of one’s immediate family (1 day in town and 3 days for out of Fresno County funerals).  Exclusion of students failing to meet immunization requirement: 5 day maximum. Religious holidays when pre-approved by the Director.

Student absences for any other reasons are counted as unexcused.  When students show a pattern of frequent absences or tardies, the school will conduct a School Attendance Review meeting conducted by the school Director.  This meeting is intended to work with families to improve the attendance of the student who is having an attendance problem.  If a teacher or other school personnel suspects that a student is not attending school and doesn’t have his / her absences cleared, the student will be referred to the principal.  Truancies will result in a parent conference and disciplinary consequences.  Truancy is defined as three or more absences from school within a single school year (Education Code section 48260). A habitual truant is defined as six absences or tardies without a valid excuse. Education Code 48200 requires parents/guardians to compel their child (ren) to arrive on time and attend school daily. Students declared truant will be placed on the school’s non-privileged list.  Placement on the non-privileged list will result in a limitation of participation in school activities for the remainder of the quarter and could result in removal from the school.

Enrollment in Dailey Elementary Charter School is voluntary. A student who chooses not to attend Dailey or who is expelled may seek to attend either the local public school in the student’s attendance zone, other charter schools or pursue an inter-district transfer in accordance with existing enrollment and transfer policies of the chartering authority.

Independent Study: If your child is going to be away from school for three or more days for reasons other than illness, the student should be placed on an Independent Study Contract. Please notify your child’s teacher or the school office at least 3 days in advance to plan this contract. The Independent Study Contract allows students to have excused absences for the time that they are away from school for up to three weeks (15 school days).

The contract is to be prepared in advance of the time away from school, must be signed by the teacher, parent, student, and school Director. The completed contract assignments are due on the day the student returns to school. Students who do not complete the contract assignments during their absence will not receive academic credit and may result in lower grades on the report card.