The Dailey Charter School is governed by Fresno Innovative Charter Schools, Inc. (FICS), a 501c3 non-profit cooperation.  The Board consists of seven members with the skills and experiences that benefit the development of Dailey Elementary Charter School.


  • Eduardo Gonzalez, President, Parent

  • Brooke Ashjian, FUSD Board Member

  • Caty Perez, Community Member

  • Valerie Davis, FUSD Board Member

  • Bob Nelson, FUSD Interim Superintendent 

  • Bill Littlewood, Community Member, Parent

  • Luisa Medina, Community Member


The FICS Board’s representatives bring significant experience that is critical to the operation of a charter school.  FICS Board meetings are held regularly and are open to the public. 


Eduardo Gonzalez

Brooke Ashjian

Bob Nelson

Bill Littlewood

Luisa Medina


Valerie Davis


Caty Perez


April 2017 Board Agenda – Addendum

April 2017 Board Agenda

February 2017 Special Board Meeting

February 2017 Board Agenda

January 2017 Board Agenda

October 2016 Board Agenda

September 2016 Board Agenda